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Demanding completion in an efficient and orderly fashion

You'll do well with a romantic foray

You'll be on the verge of a risk or a tough decision. There may be visitors or a social occasion at home. Be agile but anticipate that not everything will go the way you want it to. Get some outdoors time and exercise in the midweek. Don't push too hard or get impatient though. You can look to your home life these weeks. If you have to negotiate over money or conditions, be flexible up to a point then stand your ground. It's time for a night out with friends. Coast along and it'll all come right, especially as the weeks turn round, bringing the sweet taste of good food and companionship. Get ready for a 'high gear' weekend. Wait for a week or two as your time is coming. You may clash with someone academic, exotic or foreign.

You'll need to take a risk

Start these weeks with a break from the dull routine and enjoy the spice of life. You'll plan for the future or look to a broader horizon to express yourself. There'll be comings and goings, social activity or communications that will all give an impetus on the road ahead. People of like mind will give you a lift into the week. You'll forge a bond or make a deal these weeks if you get in tune with what others need and give to them. You may have to push a plan through or retire to lick your wounds. If you feel puzzled or surrounded by a bit of mystery or confusion, let things ride. Last minute changes will occur. On the weekends, put vigour into physical routines, especially work or exercise. Fridays bring a finalization with finances. Saturdays and Sundays will have you back on track, doing what you have to do and dealing with irascible authority. You may be jumping for joy or you may be working around a changeable professional contact.

Be ready to take a risk with finance

Urging you toward a new image and a touch of magic in your style or presentation. Tasty food, TLC and a little horizontal pleasure will be just the ticket. It's time to be sensitive and attentive. Shed the encumbrance of other people's business if it's not doing you any good. You may have to deal with an unruly influence at home or an uncompromising one at work. Those in authority will feature on Friday or you'll be up to your neck in career issues. Slow down, midweek. You can make some of them lying down. There's always talk about the future. Money and the budget will figure on the weekend. Take a little time for the boudoir fandango on the weekends, as it's distinctly steamy in Crustacean Castle. Friends or groups will feature on the weekends.

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