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Trying to keep up or get things done

If you're in the mood, hold a dinner or a party and enjoy the company of guests

Don't be so focused on one requirement that you ignore another. There may be a purchase or an improvement you want to make. The pleasures of home life feature at the start while the midweek brings romance or recreation with your loved one. There'll be plenty to talk about and more options than you realise. Friends or social contacts will feature first up, but even that might leave you confused. You may be unable to resolve a dilemma or make a decision. Charge the phone, respond to emails and check the appointment diary. The weekends are busy and there'll be appointments to keep and people to talk to. Take care on the roads and enjoy simple pleasures on the weekends. Wave it about! You might have to crack the whip to get your domestic life in order. Watch for clumsiness or minor accidents through haste. Sundays always bring a change with finances or obligations.

Dress for the occasion

Take a little extra care with health as the weeks begin, as the work week could tire you out or leave you feeling drained. There may be visitors or a social occasion at home. There are changes for you and your loved one. If you're thinking of getting the bedroom re-painted, an extended discussion about your favourite colours could always be had lying down. The doings or dealings on the weekends will open avenues to the future and travel, study or legal concerns will be up for consideration. Friends, ideals, food and talk will be a good mix to ease the pressures of the daily round. As the weekends comes, it'll be here, there and everywhere, as you turn up for appointments or meet friends on the run. Energy rises, midweek and the Force enters your sign on Friday. The weekend's busy and will push you to the task or job completed, rather than urging you into further festivities or celebration. The midweek's testy. You may deal with older people or those in authority. Look for insights or understanding with the situations and people you're involved with.

Sift through your address book to revamp your list of contacts

A new week will bring a fresh start or connection with friends or a group activity. Talk problems through with an expert. Watch work-related travel and dealings with co-workers. You may have to deal with a talkative or energetic female. In the meantime, get involved in new lifestyle or romantic interests. A romantic link will feature for some. News or communications will be strong and you'll forge a beginning or an end. You might not know how best to deal with a person or a situation. Have a hot saturday instead then open up for joyous celebration, dancing, food and music on the weekends. There may be a new link or interest to get you excited. For some, there'll be a secret liaison or a private matter to deal with. Don't use spending as an escape.

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