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Hold court with your loved one

Meantime, return calls, keep appointments

Get the budget organized and keep the spending simple as the weeks begin. Work through the consequences of past problems or resolve old issues with close associates, especially after Wednesday. There'll be testing times or rising temperatures with career or professional matters but, if you're calm and strategic, you'll find a way through in time. You'll be looking for a new image or a special presentation. Rein in the spending, making sure that you get value for money on the things that you need. Do the things you both enjoy. Try a touch of spicy or exotic dining, midweek. There may be confusion or difficulties to sort. Once again, take a peaceful path and put it all to one side for the moment. It's time for a bold move and friends or groups may assist or show you how it's done with daily sunrise. Watch for trouble with travel or transport and avoid difficult people or 'high pressure' situations. You may settle a partnership concern or get into sync on a new endeavour.

You'll find yourself with guests

Today can bring a change with 'one to one' relations, affecting either business or personal life. There may be a stubborn individual to deal with. You'll be doing it on the phone, online or face to face as business turns the key and gets into gear. You may discuss and revise your plans for the future. By midweek, the mood alters and money or the budget will be a determining factor in your dealings. There may a new image or a love interest. Watch communications. Are you in or out with a secret deal or liaison? Work away at the financial side of things. Watch the budget and the spending, and don't give in to pressure over doing things that others apply. Lands and property will be in focus. Home or family concerns will be much on your mind these weeks and problems may not seem to have clear solutions. You're buoyant on the weekend.

Let it unfold as it will

Enjoy favourite foods and a little TLC with your loved one as the weeks begin. Domestic or family concerns will be in the frame. You'll be stirred up for recreation or romance, midweek. Still, persistence will out and you're nothing if not persistent. There are irons in the fire or monies at stake that will need attention or effort. Someone with experience or skill will help you find the solution. You may wait on important communications. Authority is needed. There'll be scope for thought as you reflect on your holdings in this life, what you have and what you want. Domestic or family interests are favoured. Enjoy common interests or talk with the like-minded. You can take your pleasures lying down.

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